10 Legal Protections for Children with Special Needs

Virtual Workshop

Date: Wednesday, September 28th

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Online (zoom link will be sent to you after registration)


About the Workshop:​ 

If you’re like most of the families we serve, you’ve gone to great lengths to help your child and make sure they have all the support they need. But so much of that depends on you being healthy and well. You’ve probably worried at times what would happen to your child and their well-being if something unexpected should happen to you.

We know it’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s nonetheless so important to think about to really ensure your child would be completely taken care of no matter what life brings. That’s why we’ve invited California special needs attorney and author, Laura Meier, Esq. with The Meier Law Firm to conduct her 10 Legal Protections for Children with Special Needs Workshop, where she will show us:

  • How to avoid your child being placed in the care of strangers during an emergency;

  • How to avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate that could cost your family tens of thousands of dollars;

  • How to pass your money through a special needs trust so your child won’t be disqualified from government benefits;

  • How to obtain a conservatorship to continue helping/protecting your child after they turn eighteen; and

  • How to leave behind far more than just money

About the Host:​ 

Special Needs Trust Attorney Laura Meier, who is also the author of The Family Nest Egg (published by Penguin Random House) and Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan. Laura is the founder of the Meier Law Firm in Orange County. She has spoken at Fortune 500 companies and universities and her work has been featured by NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Forbes, and more.

For more information, contact: Melinda Wilkes,
Vice President of Community Based Services