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Family smiling at the camera, one dad, one mom and one 4 year old son.

Programs & Services

At UCP-OC, we help children with disabilities reach their full potential.

Through our six programs, we work with children and families to

improve their quality of life and live a life without limits.


UCP-OC’s Therapy Center is a play-based environment for children, ages 0-22. Treatment plans are individualized and address conditions from simple developmental delays to more complicated lifetime circumstances.

Family Support Services

UCP-OC’s informational workshops are scheduled throughout the year, and cover a variety of topics from behavior management to community resources.

Early Intervention

UCP-OC Child Development Specialists provide early intervention services for children, ages 0-3, with developmental delays. In-home services are available for the comfort of both the child and family.


UCP-OC Child Development offers inclusive after-school, evening, weekend, and summer recreational opportunities to children and their families. Our wide-range of recreational classes cater to each child’s interests, whether art, design, dance, fitness, science, yoga, and music. 

Inclusive Childcare

UCP-OC provides a safety net for working families, children with special needs are included in a typical after-school care setting. 

Respite Care

UCP-OC provides trained caregivers to children with special needs, and their families, giving parents, or guardians an opportunity to leave the home with peace of mind while they are away.

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