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BELIEVE in the impactful, long-term outcomes made possible with early interventions for developmental delays.

A central component of UCP-OC's services is our Early Intervention program. Recognizing developmental delays while children are still very young is absolutely crucial. All children develop rapidly from birth to five years of age, but for children with developmental delays this period is particularly important. A window of opportunity exists during the early years where these children, if properly cared for through programs such as Early Intervention, have the greatest hope of reaching their full potential. It is well documented that infants and toddlers who receive Early Intervention services are often able to reach developmental milestones and continue on to preschool without requiring specialized education. In fact, 94% of children in UCP-OC's Early Intervention program demonstrated clear progress in 3 out of 5 developmental areas. Early Intervention has proven itself a valuable investment in a child's future and in the well-being of their family.

UCP-OC's Early Intervention program supports families in stimulating their child’s natural curiosity and guiding his/her development by incorporating opportunities for learning into daily routines and activities.

UCP-OC’s Early Intervention program helps children with developmental delays reach their full potential by offering individualized services provided by qualified and caring Child Development Specialists and licensed occupational, physical, and speech therapists.

Goals of the Early Intervention program are:

  1. To promote optimal development of children ages birth to three years who have, or are at high risk for, developmental delays.

  2. To increase the family's confidence and knowledge regarding their child's developmental needs.

For more information or questions about in-home early intervention:
Kay Haynes, Manager of Early Intervention
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