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With so much to be grateful for this year, The Villaveces Family wants to help children with disabilities improve their quality of life by supporting UCP-OC. Through our therapy services and community-based programs, we are helping special needs children ages 0-22 achieve their full potential! Last year, our organization served 1,366 children with disabilities in Orange County, and the need for support services continues to grow as we strive to close developmental gaps and empower families to care for their child’s special needs.

The Villaveces Family believes "if you are going to help, you do it right" and that means doing everything you can to support the causes you care about! In addition to serving as one of our dedicated board members since 2018, Cesar and his family have set an incredible goal of raising financial support for our Safety Net Fund, which was established this year to help cover the cost of treatment for children whose lives have been devastated by the pandemic or other life circumstances. Through our Safety Net Fund, and support from individuals like you, our services are becoming a lifeline for kids and families throughout our community when they need us most. 

Will you join The Villaveces Family by partnering with us today to help provide vital support services for more families throughout Orange County? Your gift today, big or small, has the potential to change the course of child’s entire life, and can provide much needed hope for a family in need. 


Learn more about how we are Moving Together as a community and connect with us on social media @ucpoc!

Villaveces Family Fundraiser

for UCP of Orange County



For more information or questions:
Christina Lim-Garkovich, VP of Philanthropy 
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