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EMPOWER families of children with disabilities through access to critical resources

and support.

At UCP of Orange County it is our mission to help children with disabilities and their families face their own unique challenges with tools and resources that will help them succeed. We choose specific methods of service delivery that help our clients grow and come closer to a potential life of self-sufficiency.

Our resources are constantly expanding and we make a special effort to make many of these available to you online.

three young boys sitting on their mom and dad's laps.


Parent Information Nights

Not exactly a support group and much more than a lecture, Parent Information Nights are gatherings hosted by UCP-OC to bring current information to parents on an array of topics. Leaders in their fields are asked to present information relevant to the concerns of parents and then respond to questions and dialogue in a small and candid environment.

These meetings occur about once a quarter; notices are sent out via mail and email, so be sure to keep us posted on your current addresses.

Parent Email Network

Here at UCP-OC we receive notices of conferences, workshops, seminars, new support groups, fundraising walks, legislative alerts, new resources, offers of free event tickets, etc. almost daily. It would be impossible to share all of these with parents by mail or newsletter, but utilizing email addresses, we can forward along the most important, the most fun, the most cutting edge issues. We’ll be happy to include you in our network if you want to share your email address with us along with some minimal family and child information. Be assured that your address is kept in the strictest confidence; it will not given to any other agencies nor is it viewed by anyone else within the network.

If you would like more information about being involved in this distribution list, email or sign up through our mailing list below!

Parenting Classes

Raising a normally-developing child is hard enough, but raising a child with special needs places unique demands on parents. Our parenting classes, taught by some of the most knowledgeable and qualified people in the field, are designed and specialized to provide the tools needed to handle unique parenting situations. Information on parenting classes will be provided through email, email or sign up for our mailing list below!

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